Bringing experience and precision to every real estate project

At T.M. Crowley & Associates, we take complicated and ambitious real estate dreams and create a path arriving at a headache-free reality. We are experienced, precise professionals who thrive under pressure.  No matter the scale of your development, we will customize our strategy to meet your desires.  The feeling of confidence and ease will wash over you while watching our team of dedicated specialists put every piece of the puzzle in the right place, on the first attempt.  Come tell us your boldest vision and watch us navigate the path to success.


  • Customizes strategy for each projects’ needs
  • Constant communication and transparency
  • Pragmatic approach to large-scale developments and rezoning challenges


  • Ensures long-term viability and profitability for all parties involved
  • Large diversity of high-quality projects, including mixed-use development


  • Adept in site selection, procurement, strategic location planning, land acquisition and assemblage
  • Efficient real estate outsourcing department
“CVS Health has worked with T.M. Crowley and Associates as one of its preferred developers to execute its growth and real estate development plans. T.M. Crowley and Associates has consistently met and exceeded our objectives and goals. Their ability to problem solve and partner with CVS Health through all stages of the process contributed to the major success of our growth strategy for 25 years.”
Robert T. Marcello | CVS Health
Senior Vice President – Real Estate


Toyota Tsusho
Tenant Challenge: Need for a new, strategically located, state of the art facility delivered in under one year in order to accommodate their client’s critical production schedule.

Developer Solution: 47 days from lease negotiation to project start. Construction completed ahead of schedule and on budget, in ten months. Negotiated property tax incentives with the city.


Total square feet


Months to complete

$25 million

Total building cost
“Never in all my years have I seen a better run project than this one in Lafayette. It came in on budget and ahead of time.”
Mike Lavender | Toyota Tsusho America Inc.

Senior Vice President

Global Partners