Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Total Square Feet:

500,000 sq feet

Locations Built

Avg Project Duration

Project Duration:

9 Months

Potential Expansion

1,00,000 sq feet

Tenant Challenge

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) recognized the need to improve their supply chain. The pandemic simply accelerated the push to expand their logistics support capabilities and relieve their on-site staging limitations. SIA turned to T.M. Crowley & Associates to help expand their campus footprint, relying on TMCA’s experience with facilities for Subaru suppliers.

TMCA Solution

TMCA quickly identified and acquired land adjacent to SIA’s assembly plant, working with the SIA team to develop a new, flexible facility with significant space for future expansion. TMCA also worked with the State of Indiana to expand SIA’s Free Trade Zone (FTZ) operations to the new site.

Despite material shortages and market delays, TMCA and their construction partner successfully secured the delivery of key components to meet SIA’s tight deadline. The project is projected to be delivered on-time and on budget in late 2022.



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