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6 months

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Tenant Challenge

T.M. Crowley & Associates has worked with CVS Health as one of their preferred developers for 25 years. In 1996, CVS Health approached TMCA, looking for a way to outsource their real estate development and still own the finished property. At that time, CVS only had 57 stores across the United States, and they needed a reliable partner to help with their nationwide expansion.

TMCA Solution

TMCA created their client-owned, third-party development program to meet the project needs, and since then, they have built over 500 stores nationwide for the CVS Health corporation. Their partnership has endured for decades, remaining strong through management changes, economic downturns, and exponential growth. When Tom and his team formed their own business in 2013, CVS Health followed them to T.M. Crowley & Associates, and today, they still build CVS stores across the country, working in the most complicated markets in the U.S.



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“Over the years, I’ve worked with T.M. Crowley & Associates in a variety of roles, and they continue to deliver year in and year out for CVS Health. In every market we enter, they work with us to develop a long-term strategy for our expansion and success.”

Syed Husain

Vice President Corporate Acquisitions & Real Estate, CVS Health