NHK Seating of America

Total Square Feet:

390,000 sq feet

Locations Built

Avg Project Duration

Project Duration:

11 months

Potential Expansion

200,000+ sq feet

Tenant Challenge

Thanks to TMCA’s experience working with Japanese companies in the global market, NHK Seating of America trusted T.M. Crowley & Associates to help them expand their U.S. operations. NHK Seating produces seats for a nearby automotive assembly plant, and they quickly needed a new manufacturing facility to support their production expansion.

TMCA Solution

NHK Seating originally planned for the project to remain in TMCA’s portfolio, but TMCA estimates showed that NHK Seating could reduce costs by owning the property themselves. NHK Seating decided to follow that recommendation, and T.M. Crowley & Associates adapted the project’s goals and financing accordingly. The project was delivered on time and under budget, allowing more time to install and test the specialized equipment required for their state-of-the-art operation.



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“T.M. Crowley & Associates has been thoroughly responsive and flexible throughout this process, adapting to our needs and acting in our best interests. I look forward to seeing how our project unfolds with Tom and his team at the helm.”

Rich Reck

Vice President and Plant Manager, NHK Seating of America