Toyota Tsusho

Total Square Feet:

350,000 sq feet

Locations Built

Avg Project Duration

Project Duration:

10 months

Potential Expansion

Tenant Challenge

Toyota Tsusho approached T.M. Crowley & Associates needing a new, strategically located, state-of-the-art warehouse and sequencing facility. This larger facility would allow Toyota Tsusho to double their workforce. However, as a critical parts supplier, their production schedule was rigid, requiring the new facility to be up and running in under a year. This meant that construction needed to begin as quickly as possible.

TMCA Solution

To meet that deadline, TMCA secured the property, negotiated the lease, obtained municipal approval, and closed the financing—all in just 47 days. Construction was completed ahead of schedule and on budget, finished in just ten months. And despite the tight deadline, TMCA successfully negotiated with the city to receive property tax incentives on the new facility.



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“Through those six weeks of negotiations, I was deeply impressed with Tom’s frankness and fairness. Despite the challenges we faced, T.M. Crowley & Associates was determined to complete the project on schedule. They promised that they would deliver—and they did.”

John Maraia

Group Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Toyota Tsusho America Inc.