Our expertise and specialization in third party development is evident through the partners who consistently place their trust in us. We collaborate with national retailers, financial institutions, public and privately held corporations, and institutional property owners to create assets with significant and enduring value. Our masterful team gracefully synchronizes local and site-specific operations while centralizing the objectives and strategies, making us a single-solution resource for turnkey projects.

From consultation to full involvement, our mission is to add meaningful value to each unique project. This focus has been the driving force behind more than 30 years of innovation at T.M. Crowley & Associates.

Areas of expertise:

  • Site selection
  • Strategic location planning
  • Acquisition
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Property and project management
  • Zoning
  • Capital finance procurement through a third party affiliate
  • Sale-Leaseback program

The diversity, sophistication and precision of our team are reflected in our work across the United States. Our philosophy revolves around the development of high-quality projects that ensure long-term viability and profitability for all involved parties.

For decades, we have developed properties for our own portfolio, resulting in a robust spectrum of projects, partners and accomplishments. We continue to actively pursue new opportunities that enrich our storied history.

Proven by our involvement in projects ranging from mixed-use development and large-scale retail power centers to major university properties, we are uniquely adept in the management of both small-scale boutique centers and million-square-foot lifestyle properties.

Our value shines brightest in instances of great need – particularly, complicated re-zonings and large-scale land assemblages. Most importantly, our experience inspires a collective vision that powers our ability to guide any project from inception to actualization.

When it comes to successfully initiating a development project, land acquisition and assemblage can often be the greatest hurdle. T.M. Crowley & Associates has a proven track record of moving projects from conception to inception via superior land assemblage expertise.

We specialize in making projects that “can’t be done” possible and real. Our persistence and proficiency in land assemblage and negotiation, and our innovative approach to accomplishing goals has resulted in the realization of commercially viable developments across the country.

Our proficiency in overcoming obstacles and cutting through red tape results in developments that are possible and financially feasible.

T.M. Crowley & Associates is helping lead the charge in bringing the future of cancer treatment to the fingertips of patients across the globe. As the primary development partner of Proton International, we specialize in full project management and development of next generation proton therapy centers.

Proton therapy is a form of cancer treatment that precisely isolates and directly attacks tumors, while dramatically limiting damage done to other parts of the body as a result. Compared to conventional radiation treatment, proton therapy provides a more precise, effective and non-harmful option for patients, and represents the future of treatment around the world.

T.M. Crowley & Associates works with health networks, medical centers and universities to finance, develop and manage these cutting-edge facilities.

T.M. Crowley & Associates is a trusted partner for universities pursuing expansion and property enhancement. We work with universities to secure viable financing options, including off-balance-sheet financing.

We specialize in the redevelopment of campus and office facilities, as well as the development of residential, retail and mixed-use projects on university campuses.